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To date, the Association includes: generating companies, national and regional electric grid companies, energy supply organizations, system operator, centralized bidding operator, major industry research and design institutes, construction and installation organizations, manufacturers of power equipment, etc.

There are two types of membership in the CEA, these are participating members (with voting rights) and observer members (without voting rights). 

The General Meeting of the Association’s members is the highest governing body of the Association. The General Meeting consists of the members participating in the Association.

The Board of Directors is the accountable management body of the CEA, which has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Association. To optimize the work of the Board of Directors, advisory bodies (Committees) have been established, headed by members of the Board of Directors in the following areas.

Founders of the Association

«AES Силк Роуд Инк. в Казахстане»
«Алматы Пауэр Консолидэйтед»
«Акмолинская РЭК»


The current activities of the Association are carried out by an executive body headed by a chairman.

On March 14, 2008, the Council of Veteran Power Engineers was established at the KEA.

All members pay an annual fee to the CEA. The amount of the entrance and membership fees is determined by the General Meeting of the Association annually.

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 8, 2016 No. 305, the Association was determined by the Council of the Electric Energy and Capacity Market. The Market Council performs the following functions: monitors the functioning of the electric energy and capacity market, reviews investment programs, submits to the authorized body an expert opinion on the draft forecast balance of electric energy and capacity for the upcoming seven-year period, makes proposals to the authorized body to improve legislation in the field of electric power, performs other functions defined by the authorized body.

The CEA also plays a connecting role in the dialogue between industry representatives and government agencies. To this end, the Association signed Memorandums of Cooperation with various government agencies.  The Association is accredited in expert councils for the examination of regulatory legal acts under a number of state bodies and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NCE). Also, representatives of the CEA participate in the work of various working groups of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state bodies and NCE.

The Association and its members take an active part in the work to improve legislation in the field of electric power, including the division of powers between state bodies and the return to the branch Ministry of a number of functions for the approval and coordination of technical standards and regulations, the definition of technical conditions for non-discriminatory access, licensing. Work continues on solving problematic issues of natural monopolies in terms of improving tariff formation. Also on the problems of energy supply organizations — on the methodology of agreeing the final price level, costs associated with the capacity market, balancing market, etc. Proposals for amendments and additions to regulatory legal acts on the issues of electric power industry, natural monopolies and socially significant markets, taxation, energy conservation, fire safety, renewable energy sources, etc. are sent to state bodies. Work continues on resolving issues related to the distribution of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions, on the draft law on heat supply, etc.

To encourage employees of the industry, the titles of KEA were established – Honored Power Engineer, Honorary Power Engineer, Veteran Power Engineer, as well as a Certificate of Honor. Every year, the KEA organizes the collection and preparation of materials for awarding employees of the member companies of the Association with the title of Honored Power Engineer of the CIS and awarding an honorary diploma of the CIS Electric Power Council.


One of the activities of the CEA is conducting and participating in seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Meetings and forums of power engineers and veterans of Kazakhstan’s energy industry are regularly held on problematic issues of the development of the electric power industry, following which appeals and recommendations are sent to the President, the Government and state bodies.

At the initiative of the KEA, the republican competition of operational and repair personnel of regional power grid companies has been resumed.

On an ongoing basis, information is sent to participants on the activities of the Association, improvement of legislation, innovations and events in the electric power industry. Work is underway with the media (publication of articles, thematic interviews) in order to form public opinion on energy issues, as well as improve the image of the energy industry, the Association and its participants.